Boston Marathon Bombing – Coping with Injustice


  1. Isaiah40_31 says:

    I have often wonder why bad things happen in life. Recently I have hit the lowest point that I have ever been. I have lost my job, wife, and many friends, but I have gained Christ. I always have considered myself a Christian. I did not feel like one until I was baptized on 3/9/2013.

    Why do bad things happen?
    I believe that God allows bad things to happen to increase our faith and reliance on him. Think if everything was going good. We would be tempted to think that we don’t need God, or that he is not the most important thing in our life. God uses bad things to show us that if we wait for him and rely on him we will have eternal life. That we do not focus on the things of the earth which are temporary, but rather those that are heavenly and eternal. Our life is but a vapor and when bad things occur we are reminded that life can end at any moment. Are we putting our trust and faith in God? If not now then when?

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